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Global provider of digital payment solutions

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Integration of cross-border e-commerce, virtual business, etc.

The customers we can serve include e-commerce, board games, social live streaming, e-reading, financial services, top-up payment and other kinds of websites and mobile application services.

Global Collections, Free Access

Grepay is deeply engaged in emerging markets, supporting 30+ payment currencies and integrating 100+ localized payment methods in multiple countries, with diversified localized payments to protect you.

Minimal docking process, 24H service

One time docking to get global payment solutions, simple and easy; free 1V1 premium account service, commercial, product and technical multi-team attentive service.

Grepay Payment Services Capabilities

58000 +

Daily order processing

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Payment Method

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Global Partners

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Number of registered merchants

GREPAY is committed to building a safe, reliable and convenient payment environment

Hold an overseas payment license, a safe and reliable financial risk control system to ensure the safety of every fund; unified API connection

The port can be connected to countries around the world, which is simple and convenient.

Global Intelligent Payment Solutions

Global acquiring, trading without borders

Covering countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East and other regions. Including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Basestan, UAE, Dubai, the six Gulf countries and other localized payment method services.

Bulk payment on behalf of others with high success rate

Open multiple demands with just one account, support accepting small amount and high concurrent payment requests, and payment success rate can be as high as 98%.

Installment payment with priority

Support first-use, pay later, only 25% to enjoy the service first, the remaining payment in three equal installments every other week, and no interest.

Merchant account management is rigorous and convenient

One account handles global business, and different operating permissions can be set according to employee functions to ensure data security and information disclosure as needed; it is convenient for management and financial reconciliation, saving personnel time and energy.

Multi-terminal support, various payment scenarios

It is well adapted to mobile phones, PCs, and tablet multi-terminals to meet your various payment scenarios. PC Web, Mobile APP, H5, easy technical docking API, SDK.

Transaction security, multiple protection

Grepay follows the Secure Sockets Protocol (SSL). It will encrypt the link between the web server and the browser and ensure that all data passed through the web server to the browser remains private and untouched.

Diverse payment methods, in line with local customs

Covering the most mainstream payment methods in the region, such as credit cards, e-wallets, offline outlets, telecom operators, etc., to solve multi-market and multi-channel problems at one time.

Multi-dimensional data to help improve revenue

Through order query, data export, data overview and other functions, the current payment trend and user behavior can be analyzed, and the sales strategy can be adjusted in time to increase revenue.

Fast settlement, escort

Provide 1V1 advanced account services for free, and considerate services for business, product, and technology teams; have payment licenses, fund security compliance, real-time exchange rates, and fast settlement.

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100+ payment methods around the world, one-click access to connect the world, help you easily open the global market

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Grepay business consultants will establish a discussion group and invite operation and technical personnel to join, providing unified API technical documentation guidance to cooperate with docking, testing and problem solving during use.

India, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, etc.

According to different countries and regions and needs;

Military, weapons and mercenary services;
Pornography, drugs and related equipment;
Gambling and lottery business;
fake, infringing products;
prescription drugs and services;
Unauthorized products, pirated discs;
Tobacco and alcoholic beverages;
Virtual currency transactions, such as Bitcoin transactions;
Other local laws expressly prohibit business;
Please consult a business advisor for more details.

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